Jon Stewart, The Grand Ol’ Party, and the Prostitution of Tragedy

This is comedian and political satirist Jon Stewart hitting the nail right on the head in regards to a crucial bill designed to help the first responders on 9/11 and the Grand Ol’ Party’s vehement blockage of said bill.

Stewart started the crusade against ignorance on Friday, and the second video was taken from Monday’s episode, both courtesy of Gawker. He provides incredible insight and information, something that is in itself bittersweet, considering his show is broadcast on a comedy network. He points out the inadequacies and lack of dissemination of real, current information from the three major networks, a reality that is maddening and absolutely incomprehensible. The fact that CNN, MSNBC, etc. have shows on ALL DAY LONG and cannot get a considerably important message across, while Stewart has 22 minutes on a late-night basic cable show and can break down the issues within that time, is terrifically tragic. Maybe these anchors, producers, CEO’s should shut down their programming for those 30 minutes (or and hour, because they might as well look at Colbert) and start taking notes. How hard is it, as a multi-BILLION dollar news corporation, with all their media monitoring and “investigative reporting”, to go out, interview politicians from both sides, gather facts and present the truth? I will give props to Olbermann, but it’s the fact that these issues are being missed while we get to hear about another celebrity boob job! I think people in general deserve a tad bit more respect than that. As Jon quipped in the video, “… it’s not every day that Beatles’ songs come to iTunes.”

Now look, I’m Canadian, and I do not have a strong conscious connection to 9/11 in terms of nationality. But I do have a strong connection to humanity. What frustrates me is not only the lack of human decency in not passing the bill, but the sheer fact that the Repubs are prostituting a tragedy: tugging at heart strings while simultaneously cutting the strings of attachment to the very people who risked their health and lives to save Americans. It’s like the head master of a school for orphans publicly crying out, “The children have no food! They are suffering, starving, dying!” Then as the donations roll in, she seats herself in front of the children and chows down (*pictures the headmaster in the movie “Matilda”*).

Congressional Representative Anthony Weiner (D-New York) is a staunch supporter of the bill and its humanity. He can be seen in various Youtube videos blasting the right wing monacle-droppers for the aforementioned prostitution, hinting towards a large remnant of self-interest in the conflict behind the healthcare bill, and the consistent cowardice of the GOP in what Tribe Called Quest emcee Q-Tip calls “this 9/11 healthcare Rebublican flip”.

The truth will come out. Unfortunately it is said that a lie will travel around the world twice before the truth has a chance to tie its shoes.


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