HMV Irks Me

I was in my local hmv store the other day, basically just browsing. I looked at some documentary DVD’s, some new albums, some classics but restrained myself because a. It is so close to Christmas and b. I currently don’t possess the funds to buy anything. I continue to do a lap of the store to come upon my favourite music section: hip hop/rap. Or in this case, “a whole mess of CD’s nobody seems to give a crap about”. It sits right between the electronic and soul section, which is fine, but while every other music section is nicely set up with the face out, the content in these seemingly forgotten sections is packed into shelves tighter than a sardine can. Only the feature covers (Black Eyed Peas, Nicki Minaj(really?)) are positioned face out, while the rest of the music is ordered horizontally with the name and artist only visible on the spine.

So I find myself craning my neck to see what music is available; I feel like a less patient person would have said ‘screw this, I’m going to Sunrise.’ Listen, I understand hip hop & rap might not be the most popular genre of music in your store, I get that. I’ve been a hip hop fan basically all my life, believe me I understand the lack of appeal. I also understand that there is a demographic to which hip hop does appeal. So don’t you think that recklessly cramming these CD’s into a tight space — without having the titles and artist easily accessible and advertised, while a friggin’ Kesha CD gets a marquee in the front of the store — kind of eliminates an entire buying group? Just a thought.


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