Best Song of 2011– So Far

Early into the new year, I have run into an early candidate for song of the year. It comes from London Ontario rapper Shad, featuring arguably one of the best voices in Canada — Dallas Green. A member of the rock band Alexisonfire, Green has seen a great deal of more recent success from his solo project City and Colour. This is a dream collaboration, as I am a big fan of hip-hop (Shad is the embodiment of the genre), and Dallas is arguably my girlfriend’s favourite musician. In fact, a while ago I remember talking with her and saying, “wow, I hope for Shad and Dallas to get together and do a song.” Not only is that hope now a reality, but it will be doubled as the two London-born talents have put together a 12″ vinyl record, simply titled “Two Songs”. This will no doubt keep the momentum going for both artists, as they continue to set the benchmark for quality tunes. Sales from the album benefit Skate4Cancer.


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