Wisdom from a Last Call Dimwit (Inagural Post!) *high-fives forehead*

“Whenever I’m down, I like to imagine a future world where the human race becomes extinct, but one scientist survives — and coincidentally knows how to successfully make a test tube baby. So she’s pumping out kids left and right trying to get the numbers up… Anyway, the first wave of children grow up and have children who have children who yada yada. A new civilization begins. Just like that. Abracyabra…. Ugh, those wings are coming back… Anyway, I always imagine the new people as smart and cocksure, I’ll give them that much, but I do think there is at least one thing they will not be able to grasp… Out of all the things left behind from our time on earth, they will never… eeever… figure, out, pants. And you know what? That makes me happy.” 


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