Whose War is it Anyway?

President Obama delivered a speech on Tuesday night on the conflict in Syria, a subject becoming harder and harder to ignore for many reasons. The way the President presented a case for military strike against the Syrian regime was replete with contradictory posturing, and wasn’t without the rigorous tugging at the heartstrings of America. I think this was best illustrated by my favourite video editor, @TangerineShow . Here is the video:

Russian president Vladimir V. Putin returned with his opinion on the matter, conveniently enough in a New York Times Op-Ed piece. Journalist Dan Kennedy tweeted this:

@dankennedy_nu: Pretend Putin’s name wasn’t attached. Do you disagree with any of this? Powerful. http://t.co/BDGRvLpnZ1 #Syria”

Personally, I didn’t(don’t) buy it:

Dylan Ullman (@DeeUlly):

If Putin’s name wasn’t attached to that piece, that last paragraph sounds pretty crazy.

Dylan Ullman (@DeeUlly) :
Is anyone pretending that Putin actually wrote any of that?

Dylan Ullman (@DeeUlly) : Both Presidents seem intent on stating that “there is no doubt that poison gas was used in Syria”. Yeah, why are you reminding us?

Dylan Ullman (@DeeUlly): Yeah, that’s why we’re here having this conversation… ?

Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry didn’t do any favors for the case to strike, putting forth a sloppy attempt at appealing to emotion as he mistakenly cited a photo of victims of violence in Iraq, which was supposed to illustrate the attacks in Syria.

Dylan Ullman (@DeeUlly) : Why did John Kerry cite a photo from Iraq to drum up war talk against Syria? —> https://t.co/0vaiMNUgyQ

This is why people — internet people, libertarian-minded, non-interventionist, including a former Presidential candidate by the name of Ron Paul — are doing more than suggesting the possibility of a false flag.

People have been up in arms over far less with far less evidence before, and this is certainly a time to at least pay attention. The trust between the Commander-in-chief and the people is something like a loose tooth at this point, it could just take one more pull for that open door to be slammed shut.

Now from the “You Can’t Be Serious” section of world events, here is an article by way of the journalist who published the groundbreaking NSA documents from whistleblower Edward Snowden:

Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) tweeted at 2:34 PM on Thu, Sep 12, 2013: How can a world leader like Putin lecture people on human rights & peace while arming heinous regimes? http://t.co/V5UNULjmyJ


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