Can The Green Bring The Green?

I saw this tweet yesterday:

ICONOCLAST (@alammus) tweeted at 8:49 PM on Sun, Sep 15, 2013: Colorado will allow the selling of marijuana for recreational use starting January 1, 2014. (

Yes, the times they are a-changin’. When the first decision for the legalization of marijuana (or cannabis) came in Colorado, I remember it making me get out of bed that day. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and I wasn’t even high! But even as a very occasional consumer of the miracle flower, I felt special based on the mental and political involvement in a social and personal rights issue finally moving forward. The decision in Colorado and Washington acts like a strongman pushing the tower of government back from its totalitarian lean, if only just a few feet (pardon me for leaning on that one).

And it was about time the times changed. After all, an entire industry was being ignored based on shaky moral ground for far, far too long. Now, smokers (and eaters and drinkers, if that’s how you roll, he he) can pay, let’s say, $3 more per gram for the green, and contributing to the state in the process. One would hope that this stops a whole sect of people from being stigmatized and shunned by their communities and treated as a shady wrong-doer by law enforcement officials.

I think the consensus opinion on marijuana would change for the better if it were readily and legally available at a convenience store, or better yet an MCBO! This gives local growers a competitive market to sell goods, and an opportunity for imports and novelty products (just like beer and hard liquor). Many other industries can get in on this as well: construction companies to build stores and farms; security contractors to install systems for farms, stores and legal growing operations; bulk seed salespeople; the food industry (!); and many more. A popular public figure in Colorado, and the sports world, capitalized on the last opportunity I mentioned in a hurry. That’s right, Denver Broncos quarterback Payton Manning bought up a bevvy of Papa John’s Pizza locations in Colorado, the SAME DAY that the state legalized this sweet plant.

So, enough with the demonizing, cannabis is out of the shadows and its users aren’t hard addicts, criminals or shady people. If some are, that is not the fault of a plant. Why not open the green door to make another kind of green?

I’ll have to write another post on this because I didn’t even touch on hemp. Oh dear.


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