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The Writer Cover 1

On the heels of starting a new hip hop project, I decided to take my genius.com account to a new level and annotate the lyrics from my first project, “The Writer”. This digital lyric book describes meanings behind some of the lines in the verses, explaining some of the allusions and telling stories behind and between the lines.

Here are the links for the eight tracks:

Old Dell – http://genius.com/Ully-old-dell-lyrics#note-4715864

Lonely Writer – http://genius.com/Ully-lonely-writer-lyrics#note-4715933

Empire Remix (Kids of the Apocalypse) – http://genius.com/Ully-empire-remix-kids-of-the-apocalypse-lyrics#note-4716047

10 AM in Guelph – http://genius.com/Ully-10-am-in-guelph-lyrics#note-4716162

Trophies – http://genius.com/Ully-trophies-lyrics#note-4716289

Heart of the City – http://genius.com/Ully-heart-of-the-city-lyrics#note-4716379

Sun Stare – http://genius.com/Ully-sun-stare-lyrics#note-4716457

Soul Contol – http://genius.com/Ully-soul-control-lyrics#note-4716583

I’ve said before in regard to this project: my ambition far exceeded my talent when it came to actually rapping. It was my first foray into speaking these rhymes after consistently writing them, and others, down for at least five years prior. But it is good to look back, especially going into this new project, and know that you will do better going forward.

All the songs are embedded into the page, to listen while reading or whatever. If so inclined, sign up for a Genius account and add your own annotations.

Check it out!


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