THST 2450 – Approaches to Media Studies – PSV Collage and Reflection

To represent my passions, strengths, and values, here is the collage I put together for Assignment #1:



PSV Collage v7


By default, one of my main passions is what this project is made of and what it is: art. It includes representations of some of the forms of art that are my passions: obviously visual, and musical as well. These two passions are represented well. Visual art is represented by the whole collage as mentioned, but also by the spray-painting hand (which I painted), the obstructed smiley face, the spray paint can, and the grey background. Another passion is fashion, represented by the two figures standing in the piece. This also represents my passion for visual art (drawing). I admittedly people-watch, and these two were real people who I saw on the street at some point. So it’s kind of an admiration of other people’s fashion sense, but I’m also into engineering my own clothing styles. I believe these sketches also are representative of one of my strengths, which is observation. I’m fairly reserved, so I like to take the role of observer most of the time. Another one of my strengths is represented in the smiley face. I think smiling is one of my biggest strengths; I try to smile as much as I can (when and where appropriate). The broad lines on the smiley are supposed to be sort of melting through the background to reveal the universe full of star clusters and galaxies, which I use to represent unlimited creativity — something that I like to think is a strength of mine. And I also value the idea of creativity; anyone can create almost anything, anywhere, anytime, whatever it may be. Another big value of mine is family, who own the top right corner of my collage. My family is important to me, because no matter how weird I might be or whatever I do, they usually understand me on some level, and they always love me as I love them. We’re not a typical family; my brother and I have different dads, but we’ve never considered each other any less than “full” brothers. He has a wife and three kids, so my family keeps growing. Pictured at the top is my stepdad’s side of my family. My mom remarried a few years ago, and again my family grew. It is nice to have that kind of connection with people, and that they see you as another actual person, not just an idea or projection. Below the family section is a small “poster” that reads “Free Humanity”. Both of these ideas are a value. The idea of freedom is a simple one for me, in that humans should be free to do what they want in life, insofar as that action or purpose doesn’t go against their humanity, meaning that it doesn’t harm another person. These two ideas as separate entities are ideal, and they rely on each other to coexist. Humanity should be structured so that anyone is free to dream, and thus project those dreams onto the canvas of life, represented by the spray can and galactic graffiti. The quote in the top, middle, and bottom of the collage is from the author Charles Bukowski, and it reads: “Not wanting solitude, not understanding solitude, they will attempt to destroy anything that differs from their own.” I chose this quote because it is kind of a reminder that there are people who are perhaps so dissatisfied with their own lives that they will try to quell ways of life which they don’t understand, or choose to understand. Bukowski was a very solitary individual, large and loud but also quiet, sentimental, and introverted, who, I think most of all, liked to just be a private person doing what he liked to do: drink, smoke, write. Some don’t understand it, but it is one of my values — solitude. Everyone values it to one degree or another. As a self-described introvert, I think it is in my nature to value solitude. Another value, depicted along the bottom of the picture, is nature itself. To be specific, the wilderness part of nature. I enjoy walking in the woods, and I can’t imagine living in a place where taking a nature walk was not an option at any point. This value probably goes hand in hand with solitude and walking, a moving form of meditation while out in the forest. The wave of water also refers to nature and solitude. (Fun fact: I heard the Bukowski quote in the song by Toronto hip hop artist D-Sisive, called “The Water”. Awesome song, awesome video, awesome artist.)



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