THST 2450 – Folksonomy/Remix/Mashup/Creative Commons/Geotagging Assignment

Beautiful Fighters Cover v2


I decided to do something musical for this assignment. This came about because when I heard the ensuing instrumental, my mind connected a set of lyrics from another song that seemed to fit together (to me anyway). Then, while recording, I had the idea of adding another set of lyrics (commonly called hooks) into the remix as well. The result is this mashup of an instrumental cover/remix of a song, remixed with vocals from two other songs, mashed up together to create something that I’m pretty proud of — if not for its content as much as its creativity. The two songs I covered vocals for are from the same album, Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool. The vocals were originally performed by Matthew Santos. It was immediately deleted from Soundcloud as it contains a youtube-to-mp3 rip of the instrumental (somehow they can still detect it), so I uploaded the track and cover art to a more mashup-friendly site, I geotagged it to UofG. Unfortunately, the embed code would not work. So here is the link:




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