THST 2450 – Folksonomy/Remix/Mashup/Creative Commons/Geotagging Assignment

Beautiful Fighters Cover v2


I decided to do something musical for this assignment. This came about because when I heard the ensuing instrumental, my mind connected a set of lyrics from another song that seemed to fit together (to me anyway). Then, while recording, I had the idea of adding another set of lyrics (commonly called hooks) into the remix as well. The result is this mashup of an instrumental cover/remix of a song, remixed with vocals from two other songs, mashed up together to create something that I’m pretty proud of — if not for its content as much as its creativity. The two songs I covered vocals for are from the same album, Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool. The vocals were originally performed by Matthew Santos. It was immediately deleted from Soundcloud as it contains a youtube-to-mp3 rip of the instrumental (somehow they can still detect it), so I uploaded the track and cover art to a more mashup-friendly site, I geotagged it to UofG. Unfortunately, the embed code would not work. So here is the link:




THST 2450 – Approaches to Media Studies – Week 1 Reflection

All Posts With “THST 2450 – Approaches to Media Studies” As Part Of The Title Are For The Media Studies Course. 

As I learned from last semester’s Media class with Lipton, it is best to not expect an “ordinary” lecture or seminar experience. We had started last semester in a large circle and one smaller one, hand-in-hand. trying not to think for a minute. So when the idea to push all tables in the classroom to the side and form the chairs into a circle was put forth, I wasn’t surprised — in one sense. My reaction was mainly, “here goes Lipton again,” with a head shake, but when something takes place that disrupts the usual routine of going to lecture to take notes or to the library to study or to the cafeteria to get a coffee, it forces your brain to enter a different space of critical social behaviour, to be present in a situation. I like this. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy going to a big lecture hall, getting in my note-taking zone and tune in (or out), but this situation is a healthy change to what we might normally perceive as classroom life as a student. Paradigm-shifting is one of the key concepts of this class (as we determined) and so far, we — with the guidance of Lipton — are doing this and more, under the class name “Meta Dope Cogninauts The Third” 🙂


The mostly free-form discussion led the group to talk about the concept of mirrors. While leaving the class, I started to write this rhyme; this is something I do quite regularly, and have done for some time now. I think it helps me understand things on a different level while simultaneously giving me space to express what I think or feel about a subject or concept. I usually like to give titles to these rhymes, so, this one will be called:


Mirrored Movies   


I’m watching the images flashing

the image is masking

The real matter in which these atoms are acting

It’s fascinating, we’re waiting like we’re fasting

But the slow pace of time remains everlasting

And we morph through it hopefully dodging dysmorphic thoughts

Adhering to the same structures of folklore we’re taught

Reflecting on the visuals seen in the scenes

We’re all selfie, hands out with our face in the screens

Making ourselves memes while battling the extremes

Stepping in front of the mirror, our own kings and queens

Stepping to the glass, resulting in broken pieces

In light of all this mess we still search for where the peak is

To peep it, to peek at what can be

We can’t really reach it, can we?

In one sense, it’s important to make change

But it’s unnatural to make your face strange

In hopes of a favourable comparison

When you’re the only one comparing it

And it becomes a poor measure of health

When all the mirror itself is is a mirror of itself