Link to Dreams And Extremes

Hey people of the internets, here is the link to Dreams And Extremes, my first ebook!

Download it for free or name your price! Or, free download now and if you like what you read, download again (this time for a couple of bucks)! Or, if you enjoyed the illustrations in the book, head on over to and check out those from the book and more!  As of now, the images are only made for digital download, but I am planning to make the black and whites available for sale as a mounted print. Bear with me on that one. Enjoy!

Ps. Feedback is welcomed on all the work. Did you like it? What did you like about it? Did you hate it? What did you hate about it?



Dreams aNd Extremes Synopsis and About Author

The lives of two young men overlap, and at times appear polar, as they navigate through their respective lives in the town of Marsh. The dreams that the George brothers, Sam and Saul, experience are peculiar, haunting, psychedelic and inspirational — sometimes all at once. They leave this dream world optimistic, cynical, and shamelessly idealistic — sometimes all at once. The chase of these dreams is on, along with romance and conspiracy, and they surrender to both the traps and wings of philosophical thought. Watch as they both run to and from the extremes of psychology and consciouness, in the end striving to find balance before reality closes in.

Dylan Ullman is a three-time college dropout, amateur writer and visual artist. “Dreams aNd Extremes” is his first short novel, and experiments with different mediums and styles which are brought together throughout the work. One of the concepts, the character DeeUllConshus and his hip-hop album “Dreams 4 Sale”, is in the process of production and will serve as an accompanying soundtrack. Updates will be posted regarding this project here at . Ullman was born in Toronto, raised in Fergus, and currently resides in Guelph, Ontario.